Where Do You Hang Out Online?

Looking at ways to promote Morrighan’s Trove has been daunting. More daunting than creating my video for Morrighan’s Trove.

I have ads on Witchvox.com, PaganSpace, using Twitter, and Facebook. Not to mention that this entire blog is an advertisement in and of itself.

Finding out where to spend any money I get from the IndieGogo Campaign for advertising is a bit difficult. I am not sure where I want to put the bulk of the $500 I have allotted for my advertising budget.

Facebook allows me to advertise over a period of time; using only $20 a day estimating 17 to 70 likes per day. Witchvox is getting a lot of hits, but according to the stats here on this blog, not a lot of takers. I haven’t even begun to check out PaganSpace.net.

Where do you, my fellow Pagans, think that I should place the bulk of my advertising dollars? Do you know of a much better Social Network of Pagans that I do not?

Let me know! You can comment below, Tweet me @morrighanstrove, or message me on Facebook. (http://www.facebook.com/MorrighansTrove)

Any input I get from you will be greatly appreciated. Now onto my homework, semester is about to end. Love you all!


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