Life is Full of Possibilities!

Today is a great day!

I have just received the OK to write about the Sacramento Pagan Pride Event on the 21st and 22nd of September!

In my last post I spoke about how the Lord and Lady have blessed me with with a plethora of ideas, so many, in fact that I had a hard time picking one idea to go with.

Now They have blessed me with Opportunity. An opportunity to help my local Pagan Pride Event! To help the Pagans in the Sacramento Area spread the word about their businesses and faiths is something that makes me the happiest Pagan in the World!

Not to mention the publicity for my blog as well! This comes with an inherent reward of letting people in the Sacramento Area know of Morrighan’s Trove’s existence!

I want to definetley want to extend my thanks to Sacramento Pagan Pride for giving me this opportunity! Also to Eric Cooper who once again pointed me in the right direction!


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