My Question About Feminism and Gender Roles

Today was a great day! I am ahead in one class, right on schedule in the other two!

It feels great to start on the right foot! The positivity I am feeling is intoxicating! I have never felt this good about going to school!

That coupled with this blog, my Halloween decorations I am building, and the chance to be more active in the upbringing of my children, is making me smile from ear to ear!

I just cannot believe I got two discussion questions, three quizzes, a six page science worksheet, and a page of math done today! That is on top of all the time spent in the individual classes!

Who knew I could do it?!

So, my day went swimmingly. Wouldn’t you say?

That I had everything going for me?

Nothing could annoy me at all?

Well, you would be right for the most part; bit my wide had told me a story after picking me up from work that will hopefully not only annoy you, but also understand this drastic change in tone.

You see, my wife is working right now. She works as a noon aid for the local school district at an elementary school.

She had struck up a conversation with another aid and it had gotten around to my wife explaining that she had to come get me from school after she had gotten off of work. Simple enough.

The other aide had then proceeded to ask questions about me, and not in a good tone.

“So, he DOESN’T work?”

“He isn’t working so, you have to work?”

“So, he just stays at home and goes to school while you work?”

You get the gist of the conversation.

This angered my wife! Thankfully, she was able to articulate words and explained to the other aide that I am a stay at home dad because WE have decided that me getting my degree is important for OUR family.

That I have been working since I was 15 years old and that me taking time to better myself is also giving me time to be more involved with my kids!

Why is it that in this day and age that when a woman wishes to work outside the home and the man wants to be a stay at home dad, it is a horrible travesty. When the opposite happens, the woman is praised for raising the kids and the man is praised for working?

Isn’t having the choice in the matter more important, and more equal? I had always thought that was what the Feminists had fought for? The right to choose to stay at home or work. The right to choose what makes them more happier.

Why is my wife choosing to work a bad decision?

Why is my choosing to be a stay at home dad/student a bad decision?

Any thoughts?


4 thoughts on “My Question About Feminism and Gender Roles

  1. I think in terms of laws, equality between men and women has improved greatly. But lots of people still have the mindset of someone in the Victorian age! The trouble is that pretty much everyone agrees with equality between sexes laws, but when it comes down to normal, everyday examples such as these, people are still very sexist!

    1. I agree. Unfortunately it seems to run rampant within my wife’s side of the family.

      Both my wife’s mother and grandmother, want my daughter to be the rough and tumble Tomboy. So, any time we mention her, at times, very “girly” tendencies, we get a lecture about gender roles, and that we shouldn’t let my 18 month old daughter be “that” much of a girl!

      I believe in equality. I believe that men and women have natural differences! I also believe in choice. If my son wants to play with a doll or an army men set, mote it be. If my daughter wants to eat worms and play in the dirt or have her toes painted, so mote it be. If I want to be the stay at home dad or make money working, so mote it be!

      These are our choices in life! We all have the right to decide what is best for us and what makes us happy! That is something we all should want for each other: happiness. It just makes the most sense.

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