Dream Interpretation

Last Night I had asked the Lord and Lady back into my life and up guide me in my life’s works.

They answered…

…I think.

I had a strange dream that I was working as a bartender at the local VFW, which I do often, and all my old bosses were there.

There was this female post member there who had asked for a DVD that I did not have. I searched high and low looking for this DVD, but just couldn’t find it. All she said was, “When you get it, I’ll be back.”

Then I had gone home from the bar, which was a country home much like my grandmother’s, and a older guy was there.

He took me and my wife on a walk. Down the pasture, and onto this stop of land with a fence on either side.

I wish I remembered our conversations, but I cannot.

Then a mountain lion appeared and started in after us. We ran into the house just in time to shut the sliding glass door in his face. With that the mountain lion said, “I’ll get you separated, one day, you won’t have each other.”

And, that is when I woke up.

The Meaning I have taken from this is that I am missing something that the Goddess has deemed necessary for me to connect with Her. That I need to find a piece of myself and accept it before I can completely connect.

The God is taking more of a guiding role. And, one day I will remember our conversations together. For now, I am being shown symbols and having to interpret them myself.

What do you think about my interpretation? Dreams are always best interpreted by the dreamer, but having other opinions could not hurt


4 thoughts on “Dream Interpretation

  1. Picking apart dreams and figuring out their meaning is one of my many hats I wear ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll have a go at this, if you don’t mind. Without knowing any more specific details such as colours (the man’s hair, or the grass, or anything of that nature) or whether the dream occurred in the bright of day or dark of night, can all make some differences. However, with any dream they are presented as they are to get ones attention. That is why the sequence of events or the characters in a dream are sometimes just not anything you expect. Again, that is to make you remember the dream as you are more likely to remember the strange ones ๐Ÿ™‚ We dream all the time at night, most of which we won’t remember as they are just of our astral selves doing whatever we do when our body is at rest, and for the most part, not for our human mind to have to take notice of. But! then here are the dreams that say “listen and learn”.

    Starting with you as a bartender – this means that you will be tempted or are being tempted to stoop to some questionable actions. It could be anything, but it is a warning to not do it. I have a feeling that what you do with this could be what the rest of the dream is telling you will or could happen.

    The woman in your dream signifies increasing prosperity, which is good, but not a given. Could the questionable actions keep you from reaching the increase in money? The DVD means nothing as it is just a means to make you remember the woman. She is the symbol of prosperity, remember..she means “when you understand what it is required of you, I will return..” most likely meaning that when you have done what you should, you will be rewarded.

    The older man that you met augers well for family affairs. It is good that you met him with your wife alongside you as it means that the two of you should have blessings upon your family life – however – don’t forget the “questionable actions”. He tells you that your family is sound, still, if you do this thing that you may be contemplating or will contemplate in the future, the mountain lion already has your answer.

    The fencing you came upon is a symbol of obstacle and often signifies difficulties ahead. The result obviously depends on you. How you come through the obstacles (and this is nothing to fear because we have obstacles ALL the time in our lives – it is how we handle them that makes them tolerable or unbearable) depends all on your decisions, good or bad.

    Then the mountain lion who is a symbol of social distinction and/or business leadership. If you heard the lion roar/growl it means you could possibly have to cope with jealousy from someone close. Again, head the first warning.

    All told, if you choose the correct path, you will find your happiness, wealth, loving family, and a prosperous business to come. If you choose the correct path, the Lord and Lady have already told you what is to come (the older man and the mountain lion). I am not saying that you have any questionable intentions on your mind at present, however, should you do in the future, remember this dream ๐Ÿ™‚ Many blessings ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I read your interpretation and think you may have the hit the nail on the head in your interpretation of my dream; while I missed it completely!

      It was a little difficult reading that I may be tempted to do something immoral or unquestionable. I would like to think, and sometimes have a bit of a delusion about, that I have the highest moral standards. (The Leo in me has a bit of an ego.) So, reading your words have humbled me.

      The prosperity you mentioned has started to come to pass already!

      I have started the 2nd semester in school to get my Mortuary Science degree. This degree, after received, will allow me the opportunity to make a lot of money! Not to mention giving me the fulfillment of havibg a career that is respectable and helps people! I am even thinking of opening a non-denominational funeral home and cater to passing pagans in the way they wanted to be interred, rituals and all!

      This beats countless hours spent on developing business plans for things that never will see the light of day! The God and Goddess have blessed me with a motivation that tells me that I am following the correct path! Finally!

      Hearing that I am in a good spot within my family lice just reaffirms what I already have felt.

      Thank you for going through my interpretation and giving me this wonderful insight into my psyche! I certainly could not have done it myself!

      Don Davidson

      1. It is just something I’ve always been able to do and am happy to help ๐Ÿ™‚ It is always harder for us to see our selves as we always believe we know ourselves 100% and we do…to a degree. Oh, and I am sure that you are a very reputable and moral person, I sense that. But not a one of us is infallible and it is simply a warning of what to do when the time comes, because those times do come to us all at some point. It could be many years from now. But, it will come. If a choice must be made, particularly when we are at a vulnerable point in our lives, we can sometimes choose the wrong one. I know it is the Lord and Lady looking after you by sending you this dream, it was so specific. Because, they know us better than we know ourselves ๐Ÿ™‚ Many blessings to you, Don ๐Ÿ™‚ it seems you are truly on a right path, blessed be!

  2. I meant to say at the end “If you choose the correct path, the Lord and Lady have already told you what is to come (the older man and the woman) not the mountain lion, lol…sorry

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