Sacramento Pagan Pride – The Meeting of the Minds

Tonight I had the wonderful opportunity to meet the wonderful people who are running the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival!

I have not been so comfortable with meeting new people since I was in Iraq with the Forest Moon Grove at my first meeting! Everyone was so welcoming and joyful with me, my wife, and my daughter that I praise the Lord and Lady for bringing them all into my life! It has been a while since I could sit with a group of people and speak about my beliefs without worry of both ridicule and scorn!

This meeting was to finalize plans for the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival slated to be on September 21st and 22nd. This was also the first first meeting I had attended due to my late entry into the group.

We all had a great time, though some of the members could not attend for various reasons, and I think the meeting went very well!

The meeting didn’t start right away, which was nice, for it gave my wife and me some time to introduce ourselves and mingle with the group members as they had arrived. During this time, the group leader and host, Yagsili Gryphon was out back preparing Tri Tip and Chicken on the BBQ.

After the food was done cooking, we all sat down and started eating. The food was absolutely wonderful! The tri-tip was superbly seasoned, the chicken was fabulous, and some of the members had brought dishes for all to enjoy! Everything about our dinner tonight was wonderful!

While we were eating, a few of the members started discussing the level of knowledge within new Pagans in the world. The main point being, that they were learning without much guidance. That some of these people were getting lost within the fray of the pages within the books that they read at book stores, and really don’t have anyone to show them, or guide them into the art and practice of our faith and love of the God and Goddess!

This struck a chord within my soul! I know exactly what they were talking about because I was in the same boat not one month ago!

I have had one teacher, you know of him, Eric Cooper when I was a young soldier in Iraq. I cannot tell you how much I grew as a Pagan in that short period! Ever since then, I have felt lost. Not necessarily because I always need someone there to hold my hand. But, because I still have a lot to learn.

As I explained to Yagzili’s wife, my wife and I both have not been entirely involved in our faith for a very long time. That even though we had found the Pagan Path when we were young, we never truly were involved. So, even as we have been “Pagan” for a long time, we are still very new and have a lot to learn. Which is why the Goddess and God have given us the gift of the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival!

After this discussion about knowledge in newly found Pagans, the conversation naturally flowed into what the goal was for the Pagan Pagan Pride Festivals: Education.

There will be a lot of opportunities at the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival to learn about different paths, the basic tools, and anything else you wish to know! All you have to do is ask. There was discussion about having individuals designated to answer questions about the faith; even having an information booth to make it easier for people to find this information!

Even if these items are not implemented due to time and space restrictions, there is no reason one should not walk away with something new they have learned! Because, even if there is no information booth or designated people to ask questions to, there will be a lot of opportunities to expand your knowledge. From classes to rituals, there is going to be something for everyone!

So, if by chance, you find yourself in Sacramento on the 21st and 22nd of September, stop by the Fair Oaks VFW and meet people in Percect Love and Perfect Trust! Learn about something that you may not have known existed before then! Come to the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival and just be in the presence of the Lord and Lady! They’ll be there!


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