August is Gone and September Has Been Born!

Well, it seems Morrighan’s Trove’s first month of life has come and gone!

August was the birth month of Morrighan’s Trove and I cannot say that I am disappointed in its performance!

•365 total views (Small within the blogging world, but still very good for me!)

•154 Followers on Twitter

•8 Likes on our Facebook Page

•Spreading the word about the Forest Moon Grove is now easelier for me to do!

•Finally, being able to do things that I have never thought possible! IE: Having permission to report on the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival!

This life has given me so many opportunities and gifts that I feel that I am being spoiled! To counteract this, I will continue to help out other groups, new age businesses, and anyone else for that matter, achieve their goals as well!

So, I have decided to start profiling people that wish to be written about not once a week, but as often as I can! I want to help everyone spread the word about their products or groups! Because, it felt good to finally find the Sacramento Pagan Pride folks as I wasn’t even aware of their existence until a couple of weeks ago! It was a perceived lonely existence for this pagan.

So, if you have a group or shop that you would like help spreading the word around, please email me at Give me a quick bio on yourself and your group or shop, and we will work from there.

I hope everyone has a great day! Thank you all for a stellar August! Let’s Let’s make September even better!


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