The Question of Hell

My wife and I spoke about this today on the way to my school, Did We Create Hell?

The premise of this question that we had discussed is based on a simple premise.

If thoughts are energy, and energy is magick, have we inadvertently created places and beings like Hell and its demons?

We had a conversation earlier in the week about the power of thoughts and how every thought is a magickal action. We both delved deeper into the subject today and the conclusion we came this kind of scary!

My wife and I are Pagans. We actually have just redound The Lord and Lady very recently and need a lot of relearning to get back to our former states. We discuss everything that comes to our mind. Which is how the Hell Question came up.

As Pagans, my wife and I do not believe in the concept of Hell. We don’t believe that any God or Goddess out there can be so upset with a human who is inherently flawed, that They would cast them into an eternal land of suffering. That is more of a human trait.

Then we started on the “Thoughts are Magick” paradigm. (Many of our conversations take this random leap and often leave a lot of people lost, please bear with us.) We both agree that before anything comes into being, it has to be thought of first. Even the most minor of thoughts can be detrimental or beneficial to the parties involved. It is all a matter of intention.

Then we started talking about the thoughts of other, Non-Pagans out there. Do their thoughts impact the world as much as our own? Are people inadvertently changing thing for the worse? For the better? Have we, as a human race created things that are both malevolent or benevolent?

Have the religions that believe so heavily in a “Hell,” have created such a place?

With so many Christians, Jews, and Muslims out there(These are the only modern religion that I am aware of that believe in a Hell.”


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