13 Rules of Being A Witch – Military Pagan Version

This is the 13 Rules for Being A Witch that I have adapted for being in the Military. Let me know what you think of these rules; and if they mesh well with both Military and Pagan Cultures!



1.)    Know Thyself

This is important in any way of life. Knowing the flaws and strengths are important in growth as a human being and as a Witch!

2.)    Know your craft

 This is even more important as a Military Pagan. Study. Study. Study. Whenever you can. You will be questioned about your faith almost daily. Especially when you are requesting to have a day off to observe a Sabbat or Esbat that does not already land precisely on a day off. Knowledge of the craft will help you defend it.

3.)    Learn

Learn your chosen profession as well. It is imperative to the lives of the Men and Women around you depend on it. Do not focus only on your Craft Studies and neglect the duties of being in the Military.

4.)    Apply knowledge with wisdom

The knowledge you receive about how energies work, spell craft techniques, etc., means that you have to have both the knowledge to perform the task at hand, and the wisdom to know if it is the right thing to do. This may be difficult to differentiate sometimes, but it is necessary in achieving the proper balance in your karmic account.

5.)    Achieve Balance

 This is important as there will be times where you will feel out of balance. Between the job you volunteered to do, your family, and your faith, you have a lot on your plate. If you keep your life balanced it will help you in life as well as your workings as a Pagan.

6.)    Keep your words in good order

 Know that you are a Pagan and the responsibility that places on you. Coming out of the broom closet while in the military may mean that you are the first impression people have on Pagans. You also may be looked upon as a leader by other Pagans that have yet to come out of the closet. Keeping your Words and Actions in good order will help in this.

7.)    Keep your thoughts in good order

 Attitude is everything. There are going to be long days at work while in the military. There are going to be dangerous situations you may even be placed in. Having a positive outlook helps you deal with these hardships.

8.)    Celebrate Life

This is imperative! Celebrate the life around and within you at all possible times! While out in the field, look at the beauty of the nature around you. While in the Motor Pool, gaze in amazement at the strength of the plants that have grown through any cracks that may be present. Look in the mirror, and gaze into your soul to find the ever present beauty of the God and Goddess within!

9.)    Attune with the cycles of the Earth

 Ensure that even if you cannot set up an altar in honor of the Sabbats and Esbats, to at least honor them in any way you can at that time. This will keep you in tune with the cycles of the Earth and allow you to show your reverence for Her.

10.) Breathe and eat correctly

 This is important for your health while in the military; and will help you in maintaining balance within yourself. Eating and breathing correctly will help in keeping your chakras in line and your body strong.

11.) Exercise the body

This kind of happens whether you are Pagan or not when you are in the military. Getting up early in the morning to conduct PT was an everyday occurrence in my military career.

12.) Meditate

This is an imperative task for the Pagan in the military. The odds of you setting up an altar and ritual space are pretty low. (Especially in the barracks.) When you are able to not be interrupted, meditation may be the best and only way to attune with your God and Goddess on a regular basis.

13.) Honor the God and Goddess

In everything you do, this is a priority! You can almost never go wrong if you base your thoughts and actions with the God and Goddess in mind.



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