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Co-Existence: Can We Accomplish Within Our Own Community???

Wow!! My last post has introduced a myriad of different reactions among my readers!

One that comes to mind is something someone had commented on one of my Facebook posts on the night that I had posted. The post was about how she practiced VouDou (Her Spelling) and that the people in the Neo-Pagan Movement were just hippies! She even went on to say that Selena Fox’s, and others, battles to get the Five Pointed star on gravestones for fallen soldiers was completely wrong! That we didn’t deserve it!


I know this is just the ramblings of one individual but, it had made me curious about whether or not this issue had permeated our community.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be as harsh, or as absurd, as the example I had set before you. It is just that, it seems to me, that people are really defensive of their own chosen paths. This means that sometimes, the refuse to work with, or even bad mouth, other paths within the same general practice of faith. I saw that, for the most part, each of the faiths had the real truth and the others seem to think that they do.


We do not know the whole truth. We keep coming back into the physical realms to learn a new truth each time. The only people that know the whole truth are now perfect beings who reside within the Lord and Lady. The people that surround us right now are just as imperfect as we are and are learning one small iota of truth that is revealed to them in this life. You might practice Druidry in this life, but you very well may be an Atheist in the next. It is all about the lessons within each life that are important for our spiritual growth.


So, when someone is Wiccan, Christian, Druid, or whatever else, they are not less enlightened than the others. They are enlightened to a level sufficient for them to realize and learn the lessons provided to them by the God and/or Goddess needs them to learn.

Another issue with this separation is that people look at the Pagan community as a bunch of lovey dovey hippies without any real faith. I feel that this is one of the major factors of why we still have such a struggle for the same basic rights that other religions have. We are separated amongst each other, and everyone has separate goals or agendas that seem to minimalize our efforts.

We need to get over ourselves sometimes. Right now I am trying to rally our troops fighting for our right to practice our faiths as we see fit; but this does not mean that I will not take up arms if someone else asks for my help stopping a bill outlawing the Pagan faiths! (Just an example.) As long as it pertains to our rights to practice our faith, everyone has a hand in the fight. Even if it just means sending positive energies to the end goal. We need to stick together and not let petty differences interfere with making Earth a much more accepting and wonderful place to live!



The Lord and Lady – The Ultimate Parents

Trying to explain the Lord and Lady to my kids seems to be a bit more difficult than I had assumed it would be.

You see, I do not feel that the Lord and Lady are to be worshipped, grovelled over, and placed on some ethereal pedestal that I am completely unworthy of ever gazing upon.

I feel that the God and Goddess are like my parents. To be respected. To come to when I need advice. To ask permission to move forward with certain aspects of my life. That they are more equal to me than one normally views a deity in any faith in this world.

The reason I feel this way took some honest self reflection, and meditation with the Goddess and God, and time to figure out. I have found out that I have always felt this way, even before I had been awakened to the Old Ways.

You see, I have always had a really hard time picturing a God or Goddess as a petty, jealous dictator that cannot forgive even the slightest infraction of rules set by the human leaders of Their respective religions. This must be the Leo in me, but I cannot fathom ever being subservient to anything or anyone, even a God, which is why I feel that the Lord and Lady are Matriarchal and Patriarchal figures in my life.

Also, like my relationship with my human parents, the advice I receive from the Lord and Lady can be heeded or ignored. That if I heed the advice, or deny it, there are consequences to either of those actions. Much like sneaking out of the house after being told not to; or conversely, like going to bed early when told to due to the early morning. Good or Bad.

Don’t get me wrong. I have explained to my son, who is the oldest, that the Lord and Lady are to be treated with respect and admiration. They are the ultimate parents. That the advice and guidance received from Them should be honored and revered.

What do you think? Am I a bit confused? Wrong? Right? Let me k ow your thoughts in the comments below!

New Logo

Hello Folks! I just wanted to post something that will give you an idea of what to expect at the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival this 21st and 22nd! This will be a compilation of all of the vendors that have said that they will be there as of today! You can find a more up to date listing here if you happen to find this post closer to the date of the Festival!

I will do my best to keep this list updated! For more information on any of the vendors, please click the above links to check them out! This is a great group of Vendors folks! This is going to be a wonderful weekend!! I hope to see every Pagan in the Sacramento Area, and beyond, at this Festival!

Here is a copy of the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival Flyer! Please Share this to as many people as you can! SPP Flyer

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Profile of the Week 8/14/2013: Lotus Magick

Thank you all for checking out this week’s Profile in Review! Brandy creates handmade items and sells them on her Etsy Shop! We here at Morrighan’s Trove have not only seen the beauty in these items, but noticed how hard Brandy works to promote not only her items, but those of other people around her as well! @LotusMagick has ReTweeted me on countless occasions and has shown a dedication to community that has earned her a spot on this list!

Merry meet! My name is Brandy (Lotus) and I am the owner/creator of Lotus Magick Shop.


I have always loved nature but my true calling to witchcraft came when my little boy was born. He was born very early and had to remain in the hospital for awhile. As I sat alone at home during the day, I realized that there has to be something I can do and a better way to live. I was brought up as a Christian and I always knew it wasn’t for me. At that moment sitting in my chair, I remembered my best friend from middle school named Sara. She was a Wiccan and planted the seed for me to follow at that point in my life. I did weeks of research, reading, and soul searching until I decided Witchcraft connected to my soul on the deepest level. I had no tools, just a will and intention that my boy would be healthy and well. Two months later my son came home from the hospital with no problems. My husband and my son are the joys of my life.


Since I had no tools and no budget to buy them, I started making my own. I grew up crocheting and took up knitting in college. I used my skills to make my first altar cloth, gem bags, tarot bags, jewelry, and even a cozy for my wand. Looking back now, I am glad I made these items instead of buying factory produced ones. I feel that handmade products are more powerful because they have the intention of love.


My handmade tools worked so well for me that I decided to open a shop to share them with others.


The items in my shop were thought about and carefully created. I hand pick the materials and put together the appropriate pattern and method for it. Lastly, I say a private blessing on the items that they will serve for the highest good of the user and harm none.


To me, this is more than just a shop for profit. I enjoy making these items. I love to meet new people and share my abilities with others. I firmly believe that if you have a gift you should share it for the good of everyone.


Please feel free to check out my shop and follow me on the following social networks.


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May the love of the Goddess and God fill your life. Blessed Be!

Where Do You Hang Out Online?

Looking at ways to promote Morrighan’s Trove has been daunting. More daunting than creating my video for Morrighan’s Trove.

I have ads on, PaganSpace, using Twitter, and Facebook. Not to mention that this entire blog is an advertisement in and of itself.

Finding out where to spend any money I get from the IndieGogo Campaign for advertising is a bit difficult. I am not sure where I want to put the bulk of the $500 I have allotted for my advertising budget.

Facebook allows me to advertise over a period of time; using only $20 a day estimating 17 to 70 likes per day. Witchvox is getting a lot of hits, but according to the stats here on this blog, not a lot of takers. I haven’t even begun to check out

Where do you, my fellow Pagans, think that I should place the bulk of my advertising dollars? Do you know of a much better Social Network of Pagans that I do not?

Let me know! You can comment below, Tweet me @morrighanstrove, or message me on Facebook. (

Any input I get from you will be greatly appreciated. Now onto my homework, semester is about to end. Love you all!