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Co-Existence: Can We Accomplish Within Our Own Community???

Wow!! My last post has introduced a myriad of different reactions among my readers!

One that comes to mind is something someone had commented on one of my Facebook posts on the night that I had posted. The post was about how she practiced VouDou (Her Spelling) and that the people in the Neo-Pagan Movement were just hippies! She even went on to say that Selena Fox’s, and others, battles to get the Five Pointed star on gravestones for fallen soldiers was completely wrong! That we didn’t deserve it!


I know this is just the ramblings of one individual but, it had made me curious about whether or not this issue had permeated our community.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be as harsh, or as absurd, as the example I had set before you. It is just that, it seems to me, that people are really defensive of their own chosen paths. This means that sometimes, the refuse to work with, or even bad mouth, other paths within the same general practice of faith. I saw that, for the most part, each of the faiths had the real truth and the others seem to think that they do.


We do not know the whole truth. We keep coming back into the physical realms to learn a new truth each time. The only people that know the whole truth are now perfect beings who reside within the Lord and Lady. The people that surround us right now are just as imperfect as we are and are learning one small iota of truth that is revealed to them in this life. You might practice Druidry in this life, but you very well may be an Atheist in the next. It is all about the lessons within each life that are important for our spiritual growth.


So, when someone is Wiccan, Christian, Druid, or whatever else, they are not less enlightened than the others. They are enlightened to a level sufficient for them to realize and learn the lessons provided to them by the God and/or Goddess needs them to learn.

Another issue with this separation is that people look at the Pagan community as a bunch of lovey dovey hippies without any real faith. I feel that this is one of the major factors of why we still have such a struggle for the same basic rights that other religions have. We are separated amongst each other, and everyone has separate goals or agendas that seem to minimalize our efforts.

We need to get over ourselves sometimes. Right now I am trying to rally our troops fighting for our right to practice our faiths as we see fit; but this does not mean that I will not take up arms if someone else asks for my help stopping a bill outlawing the Pagan faiths! (Just an example.) As long as it pertains to our rights to practice our faith, everyone has a hand in the fight. Even if it just means sending positive energies to the end goal. We need to stick together and not let petty differences interfere with making Earth a much more accepting and wonderful place to live!



The Lord and Lady – The Ultimate Parents

Trying to explain the Lord and Lady to my kids seems to be a bit more difficult than I had assumed it would be.

You see, I do not feel that the Lord and Lady are to be worshipped, grovelled over, and placed on some ethereal pedestal that I am completely unworthy of ever gazing upon.

I feel that the God and Goddess are like my parents. To be respected. To come to when I need advice. To ask permission to move forward with certain aspects of my life. That they are more equal to me than one normally views a deity in any faith in this world.

The reason I feel this way took some honest self reflection, and meditation with the Goddess and God, and time to figure out. I have found out that I have always felt this way, even before I had been awakened to the Old Ways.

You see, I have always had a really hard time picturing a God or Goddess as a petty, jealous dictator that cannot forgive even the slightest infraction of rules set by the human leaders of Their respective religions. This must be the Leo in me, but I cannot fathom ever being subservient to anything or anyone, even a God, which is why I feel that the Lord and Lady are Matriarchal and Patriarchal figures in my life.

Also, like my relationship with my human parents, the advice I receive from the Lord and Lady can be heeded or ignored. That if I heed the advice, or deny it, there are consequences to either of those actions. Much like sneaking out of the house after being told not to; or conversely, like going to bed early when told to due to the early morning. Good or Bad.

Don’t get me wrong. I have explained to my son, who is the oldest, that the Lord and Lady are to be treated with respect and admiration. They are the ultimate parents. That the advice and guidance received from Them should be honored and revered.

What do you think? Am I a bit confused? Wrong? Right? Let me k ow your thoughts in the comments below!

Only a Few Days To Go!

With only a few days until.the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival, I will be pretty busy getting ready for the event!

I will be there during the set up, the actual festival, and the tear down to ensure complete coverage of the festival.

This will hopefully give everyone who reads my future postings an inside look at not just the two days of the festival; but also at the amount of energy it took to put on this community-building event!

So, if you are reading this post, and plan on attending the festival, you will no doubt see me walking around asking questions and handing out my business cards. You will also see me working as Security as I have also volunteered my experience to help the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival as a thank you for allowing me this great opportunity!

I will also ask any of the people.attending to offer their opinions here in the comments of the future posts. This way, anyone planning to attend next year’s festival will have one more place to look for reviews and a written record of what they could expect from the Sacramento Pagan Pride Group!

I look.forward to meeting everyone this weekend! I look even more forward to seeing the performers and vendors having a great time with the massive crowds!

Blessed Be Everyone!

What The Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival Means To Me

Time keeps on ticking towards the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival, and boy am I excited! Busy, but excited!

I have never been a part of something like this before due to the fact I had felt so alone as a Pagan in Sacramento because I didn’t take the time to open my eyes. Which got me thinking about perception. I perceived like I was one of a few, but in reality, I wasn’t.

How many Pagans out there feel the way I had felt? Even if there is one person who feels this way, it is already too many.

My point is, this festival is not just a place to have a good time. That will already occur, but this is a time to enjoy each other’s company while feeling the blessings bestowed upon us by the Lord and Lady! To reach out and feel the warmth of love in each and every strange face we have the privilege of meeting. Knowing that we don’t have to hide who we are, if only for a few hours a day.

This Pagan Pride Festival means so much more to me than words can describe! As I said before, this is a chance for me to feel a part of something. This is a chance for me to introduce my 11 year old stepson to my belief structure. This is a chance for me to feel the acceptance I have been missing since the Forest Moon Grove in Iraq.

Take a look inward, what does the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival mean to you? I would love to hear it!

10 Days Until The Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival!

Wow! Time sure does fly! We only have 10 more days until the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival kicks off!

That means there is a lot of work being done to make sure that those involved are prepared enough to make things run as smoothly as possible! If you focus your mind on this, you should feel the energy being expelled in its spiral around you!

With all of thus energy being put into this Festival, we all should help keep this energy flowing! To keep the magickal working’s momentum going!

We can do this by spreading the word, volunteering, or just simply making a concerted effort to attend!

Let us all make this a Pagan Pride Festival that is both memorable and fun for everyone!

The Question of Hell

My wife and I spoke about this today on the way to my school, Did We Create Hell?

The premise of this question that we had discussed is based on a simple premise.

If thoughts are energy, and energy is magick, have we inadvertently created places and beings like Hell and its demons?

We had a conversation earlier in the week about the power of thoughts and how every thought is a magickal action. We both delved deeper into the subject today and the conclusion we came this kind of scary!

My wife and I are Pagans. We actually have just redound The Lord and Lady very recently and need a lot of relearning to get back to our former states. We discuss everything that comes to our mind. Which is how the Hell Question came up.

As Pagans, my wife and I do not believe in the concept of Hell. We don’t believe that any God or Goddess out there can be so upset with a human who is inherently flawed, that They would cast them into an eternal land of suffering. That is more of a human trait.

Then we started on the “Thoughts are Magick” paradigm. (Many of our conversations take this random leap and often leave a lot of people lost, please bear with us.) We both agree that before anything comes into being, it has to be thought of first. Even the most minor of thoughts can be detrimental or beneficial to the parties involved. It is all a matter of intention.

Then we started talking about the thoughts of other, Non-Pagans out there. Do their thoughts impact the world as much as our own? Are people inadvertently changing thing for the worse? For the better? Have we, as a human race created things that are both malevolent or benevolent?

Have the religions that believe so heavily in a “Hell,” have created such a place?

With so many Christians, Jews, and Muslims out there(These are the only modern religion that I am aware of that believe in a Hell.”

August is Gone and September Has Been Born!

Well, it seems Morrighan’s Trove’s first month of life has come and gone!

August was the birth month of Morrighan’s Trove and I cannot say that I am disappointed in its performance!

•365 total views (Small within the blogging world, but still very good for me!)

•154 Followers on Twitter

•8 Likes on our Facebook Page

•Spreading the word about the Forest Moon Grove is now easelier for me to do!

•Finally, being able to do things that I have never thought possible! IE: Having permission to report on the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival!

This life has given me so many opportunities and gifts that I feel that I am being spoiled! To counteract this, I will continue to help out other groups, new age businesses, and anyone else for that matter, achieve their goals as well!

So, I have decided to start profiling people that wish to be written about not once a week, but as often as I can! I want to help everyone spread the word about their products or groups! Because, it felt good to finally find the Sacramento Pagan Pride folks as I wasn’t even aware of their existence until a couple of weeks ago! It was a perceived lonely existence for this pagan.

So, if you have a group or shop that you would like help spreading the word around, please email me at Give me a quick bio on yourself and your group or shop, and we will work from there.

I hope everyone has a great day! Thank you all for a stellar August! Let’s Let’s make September even better!

Dream Interpretation

Last Night I had asked the Lord and Lady back into my life and up guide me in my life’s works.

They answered…

…I think.

I had a strange dream that I was working as a bartender at the local VFW, which I do often, and all my old bosses were there.

There was this female post member there who had asked for a DVD that I did not have. I searched high and low looking for this DVD, but just couldn’t find it. All she said was, “When you get it, I’ll be back.”

Then I had gone home from the bar, which was a country home much like my grandmother’s, and a older guy was there.

He took me and my wife on a walk. Down the pasture, and onto this stop of land with a fence on either side.

I wish I remembered our conversations, but I cannot.

Then a mountain lion appeared and started in after us. We ran into the house just in time to shut the sliding glass door in his face. With that the mountain lion said, “I’ll get you separated, one day, you won’t have each other.”

And, that is when I woke up.

The Meaning I have taken from this is that I am missing something that the Goddess has deemed necessary for me to connect with Her. That I need to find a piece of myself and accept it before I can completely connect.

The God is taking more of a guiding role. And, one day I will remember our conversations together. For now, I am being shown symbols and having to interpret them myself.

What do you think about my interpretation? Dreams are always best interpreted by the dreamer, but having other opinions could not hurt

My Thoughts on Paranormal Investigation Past and Present

Today I was watching Paranormal Witness on the Syfy channel, and the person being affected by the spirit in one episode, had conducted a séance.

That got me thinking about how paranormal research seems to have taken off in the past few years. How every new show on Syfy seems to be about hauntings, cryptozoology, and other seemingly paranormal programs! To be honest, even though I loved the show, I was surprised at the following Ghost Hunters had received!

Then I delved into the thought even further. The séance in Paranormal Witness had triggered even more critical thinking on this subject.

We have always been interested in the other side, and not in the religious sense!

There are countless stories of séances in the past put on by wealthy people in an attempt to get in contact with the spirits of the dead. Sometimes the Mediums were placed in faraday cages to show that there wasn’t any funny business going on. The hunt for ghosts has been around for centuries!

There of course were frauds, like there is today. Have you seen some of the videos on YouTube? I feel that these are the people that had given the bad name to paranormal researchers that is slowly gaining more and more credibility as the publicity again increases.

I obviously don’t have any facts or figures to give you right now, as this is my initial thought process on this subject. I obviously need to gather them a bit better to post a more complete article, but as of right now, this is the best I can offer. The ramblings of a Mad Blogger.

What are your thoughts on the past and present methods on paranormal search?

 Do you think that it is a good thing that there are so many shows on television publicly portraying the investigative process?

What about all of the amateur groups popping up everyday, will they help or hinder the process?

My Question About Feminism and Gender Roles

Today was a great day! I am ahead in one class, right on schedule in the other two!

It feels great to start on the right foot! The positivity I am feeling is intoxicating! I have never felt this good about going to school!

That coupled with this blog, my Halloween decorations I am building, and the chance to be more active in the upbringing of my children, is making me smile from ear to ear!

I just cannot believe I got two discussion questions, three quizzes, a six page science worksheet, and a page of math done today! That is on top of all the time spent in the individual classes!

Who knew I could do it?!

So, my day went swimmingly. Wouldn’t you say?

That I had everything going for me?

Nothing could annoy me at all?

Well, you would be right for the most part; bit my wide had told me a story after picking me up from work that will hopefully not only annoy you, but also understand this drastic change in tone.

You see, my wife is working right now. She works as a noon aid for the local school district at an elementary school.

She had struck up a conversation with another aid and it had gotten around to my wife explaining that she had to come get me from school after she had gotten off of work. Simple enough.

The other aide had then proceeded to ask questions about me, and not in a good tone.

“So, he DOESN’T work?”

“He isn’t working so, you have to work?”

“So, he just stays at home and goes to school while you work?”

You get the gist of the conversation.

This angered my wife! Thankfully, she was able to articulate words and explained to the other aide that I am a stay at home dad because WE have decided that me getting my degree is important for OUR family.

That I have been working since I was 15 years old and that me taking time to better myself is also giving me time to be more involved with my kids!

Why is it that in this day and age that when a woman wishes to work outside the home and the man wants to be a stay at home dad, it is a horrible travesty. When the opposite happens, the woman is praised for raising the kids and the man is praised for working?

Isn’t having the choice in the matter more important, and more equal? I had always thought that was what the Feminists had fought for? The right to choose to stay at home or work. The right to choose what makes them more happier.

Why is my wife choosing to work a bad decision?

Why is my choosing to be a stay at home dad/student a bad decision?

Any thoughts?