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What The Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival Means To Me

Time keeps on ticking towards the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival, and boy am I excited! Busy, but excited!

I have never been a part of something like this before due to the fact I had felt so alone as a Pagan in Sacramento because I didn’t take the time to open my eyes. Which got me thinking about perception. I perceived like I was one of a few, but in reality, I wasn’t.

How many Pagans out there feel the way I had felt? Even if there is one person who feels this way, it is already too many.

My point is, this festival is not just a place to have a good time. That will already occur, but this is a time to enjoy each other’s company while feeling the blessings bestowed upon us by the Lord and Lady! To reach out and feel the warmth of love in each and every strange face we have the privilege of meeting. Knowing that we don’t have to hide who we are, if only for a few hours a day.

This Pagan Pride Festival means so much more to me than words can describe! As I said before, this is a chance for me to feel a part of something. This is a chance for me to introduce my 11 year old stepson to my belief structure. This is a chance for me to feel the acceptance I have been missing since the Forest Moon Grove in Iraq.

Take a look inward, what does the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival mean to you? I would love to hear it!


So Many Ideas! So Many Lessons Learned!

Asking the Lord and Lady for help can result in surprising changes in thinking and your life!

Asking for help from the Lord and Lady can be both fruitful or barren. It must be said that They will not just give you what you ask for, certainly not if They feel you are not ready for it; or it will ultimately hurt your spiritual lessons for this life.

Well, this is certainly a time of abundance for me and Morrighan’s Trove. I had asked the Lord and Lady originally for a way to help the Pagan Community in some way. They blessed me with Morrighan’s Trove.

Then They blessed me with the many different forms Morrighan’s Trove has taken. From Online Store to Social Network to Blog. It is a bit of a hassle trying to market and change something so many times; not to mention confusing to you, my readers.

Then the ideas are still flowing like a river! I have a couple ideas for a couple of books, an idea for an article on a local Pagan Event, and, most recently, the idea to create a group on my own for the Greater Sacramento Area.

The only problem I currently am having, is that I want to complete everything all at once! That, my friends, is most unreasonable and unwise. I need to focus on one project, maybe two if they go together, to ensure that what I create is a quality work that shows the glory of Lord and Lady! They are, after all, my Muses and are to be are honored in everything that I do!

There is also another lesson here as well. I have asked the Lord and Lady for things and had not received even a hint of a response. This would make me upset at the time! That, what I wanted to do, have, or accomplish wasn’t important enough to Them. That is farther from the truth. I just wasn’t ready for or that may have just ended up as a failure.

So, in all this, I have learned that life is great when you trust the Lord and Lady, and, that I need to learn to prioritize my thoughts and ideas. Working on too much at once benefits no one.