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Profile of the Week 8/21/2013: Speaking of Witch Wands

Ours is a family-owned and operated business with myself as Owner & Master Wandmaker, my eldest daughter, Rhiannon, as co-owner, wandmaker, and artist; and my twins, Alexis & Joshua, as both artists, with Alexis’ strengths in beading work and Joshua’s as wandmaker, artist, and Shaman. We take great pride in our work and want it known that we revere and respect Mother Nature and we never cut branches for wands – we only take what has been cut by others by necessary tree trimming or finding what has fallen naturally. Many of our wands are bespoke and we make them to your specifications, however, we also have a wide range of pre-made wands as well. We also make altar patens, Enchantment Beads©, and witchy home decor. Presently we are looking for wholesalers to purchase items from such as Pagan charms like pentagram medallions/charms, small lanyard clips, semi-precious stone beads, as well as altar and spell candles, herbs, and oils. Click on our website link below (the first one) to get our email address to contact us if you are a wholesaler, please.

Speaking of Witch Wands are made either to your exact specifications or you may choose from those in Thee Shoppe of Magickal Things that are pre-made.  Even with many of the pre-made wands, you are able to choose the herbs that go into the tip, as well as the crystal that will go into the tip.  These will be sent seperate from the wand so that you can enchant the herbs before sealing them inside the wand!  All instruction will be included.  If you wish to order a  bespoke wand or just want to see what we have on offer, you may visit our online shop at here!

Sometimes certain wand designs may take a bit longer than a month.  This is because we carve and shape every wand by hand.  We do not use power tools in the making of wands, apart from possibly drilling a hole in the tip to put herbs and set the crystal. If you are to be ordering for a special event, such as a birthday or Sabbat gift, please order at least 3 months in advance.  We only want to ensure that you will love your new wand and will feel a special bond with it straightaway.

Currently we are selling in the US and the UK.  It isn’t easy setting up online shops in two countries, still, it will be well worth it we feel! Currently we’re basing our selling points in the US, selling to UK as it is easier that way.  We will be having a UK website for each selling point and a separate US website, most likely.  This way, my daughter can handle the US website, whilst I handle the UK.

You may also visit our eBay Store

to see what we have up for auction.  Please save us in your favourite sellers!

And, we have just begun selling on Etsy

We’re also on Facebook

Here you will find updates of what we’re doing on our main website, as well as sneak peaks of our newest woods for wands (don’t be shocked by the pre-fit stage, that is only how they look before we do the magick!), new items going onto eBay, events, and basically a “common ground” for finding out what is going on on all our sites.  And please don’t forget to like us!

Please also follow us on Twitter  @SpeakingofWytch <–don’t forget that it is spelled with a Y as “SpeakingofWitch” was sadly taken.

Thank you to Morrighan’s Trove for this interview opportunity and to all whom read it  Blessed be! )O(

Speaking Of Witch Wands And Magickal Things


Profile of The Week! 8/7/2013

Today is the day where I honor one of my very loyal Followers on Twitter! We will feature a Weekly Post on one on one of our loyal Readers/Twitter Followers/ Facebook fans right here! This is a chance for us to thank our most involved fans!

Jen AKA @Whisk_Witch has been a huge supporter of Morrighan’s Trove ever since she had followed us on Twitter! Not only has she been involved in our postings, but she has also given us much needed advice when we needed it the most!

We had posted on Twitter, as well as in a blog post, about the frustration we had felt over the fact that it cost an exuberant amount of money to file for a Non Profit! Not to mention the fact that it cost comparatively little to file for a regular For Profit Business!

Jen pointed us in a another direction that we hadn’t known we could take! Which makes becoming a Non-Profit so much easier and less expensive! Below is Jen’s half of our Twitter conversation:

@Whisk_Witch: to continue my butting in, have you considered operating under the umbrella of an existing pagan non-profit?

@Whisk_Witch: basically, you’re considered a “wing” of the larger org. You operate 100% independantly but use their tax & ID # when…

@Whisk_Witch: filing paperwork w/gov. You get the benefits of their status, they get the benefit of a larger presence/helping more people

@Whisk_Witch: you just have to find an org that is in harmony w/your ideals, contact them, explain & likely go through an approval process

@Whisk_Witch: They don’t have to be in your state, but it’s easier if they are for you. Is a common technique in animal resue since

@Whisk_Witch: expenses & requirements are high. Could try COG, Pagan Pride or Pagan Edu Network, not sure who is in harmony w/your ideals

@Whisk_Witch: a coven or church in your area might also have status & be willing to work with you since you’d be local to them

This will be the direction Morrighan’s Trove will take to better serve the Lord and Lady! We want to be a force for help and change the world with our Love!

With people like Jen, @Whisk_Witch, out there; this will be an easy task!

Thank You Jen!

Jen will also have a website coming out soon! I will keep you posted on that as well!