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The Lord and Lady – The Ultimate Parents

Trying to explain the Lord and Lady to my kids seems to be a bit more difficult than I had assumed it would be.

You see, I do not feel that the Lord and Lady are to be worshipped, grovelled over, and placed on some ethereal pedestal that I am completely unworthy of ever gazing upon.

I feel that the God and Goddess are like my parents. To be respected. To come to when I need advice. To ask permission to move forward with certain aspects of my life. That they are more equal to me than one normally views a deity in any faith in this world.

The reason I feel this way took some honest self reflection, and meditation with the Goddess and God, and time to figure out. I have found out that I have always felt this way, even before I had been awakened to the Old Ways.

You see, I have always had a really hard time picturing a God or Goddess as a petty, jealous dictator that cannot forgive even the slightest infraction of rules set by the human leaders of Their respective religions. This must be the Leo in me, but I cannot fathom ever being subservient to anything or anyone, even a God, which is why I feel that the Lord and Lady are Matriarchal and Patriarchal figures in my life.

Also, like my relationship with my human parents, the advice I receive from the Lord and Lady can be heeded or ignored. That if I heed the advice, or deny it, there are consequences to either of those actions. Much like sneaking out of the house after being told not to; or conversely, like going to bed early when told to due to the early morning. Good or Bad.

Don’t get me wrong. I have explained to my son, who is the oldest, that the Lord and Lady are to be treated with respect and admiration. They are the ultimate parents. That the advice and guidance received from Them should be honored and revered.

What do you think? Am I a bit confused? Wrong? Right? Let me k ow your thoughts in the comments below!


Where are You From?

To better serve you, the Readers of Morrighan’s Trove, I would like to know which Nation you call home! Omission of a Nation doesn’t imply that I place your Nation in any less regard than others, I just don’t have enough space for every country on every continent.

If you do hail from a different Nation not listed, please let me know in the comments section so I the data I receive is more accurate.

Introducing Eric Cooper – Founder of the Forest Moon Grove

Roughly 7 years ago, I was once a young Private First Class in the desert sands of Iraq. There were plenty of PFC’s in both the US Army, but I was special. Not in the egotistical, I am better than you way; but in that I was a Pagan.

My platoon had just rolled into FOB (Forward Operating Base) Sykes and were looking for the chow hall. Upon arriving to the chow hall, I had noticed that there was a list of religious services offered on FOB Sykes. Bring curious, and new in country, I had to look.

Behold! There were Pagan Services offered at FOB Sykes! Oh, I was thrilled! I had already come out of the Broom Closet to the other members of my platoon, so bringing this up was not going to be a big deal! So, even though I had to ask, I knew I already had permission to attend as long as mission dictated it.

It took a good couple of weeks to get back to the FOB and even longer for us to get there on the date and time specified on the flyer. Then, we got the chance to stay a few days for a maintenance refit! I would be able to attend!

Oh I was nervous, excited, and ready to explode with anticipation that first night! I had never been amongst a group of Pagans before! This was going to be absolutely amazing! My biggest fear was messing up the rituals of the night due to my inexperience. (Also the issue of going skyclad was a bit nerve racking for me back then.)

Well, I made it to the chapel. All the thoughts previously stated were swimming around in my head like over-caffeinated sardines. I couldn’t wait! So…

I waited…

…And waited.

Then two guys came up from the side and asked me if I was waiting for the Pagan Group. I was a little nervous answering this because I was unsure if they also were Pagans or soldiers looking to mess with one. I took a chance and said yes and if they knew of they were meeting today? They took me to the meeting place, turns out the chapel was “no longer available,” that turned into my favorite place to be.

I went into this Army Tent that had a wonderful peaceful energy attached to it. The smell of incense and coffee hung in the air. The clear holiday lights lit up the interior and exterior of the tent in a nice low light. The general feeling of welcoming I had only felt when in deep meditation when the Lord and Lady were present. If anything could be more perfect for me then, was not apparent to me.

That is when I had met Eric Cooper. The leader of the Desert Moon Grove, future leader of the Forest Moon Grove. I had filled out some questionnaires, introduced to the rest of the group, and after this we all sat down for coffee and hung out. Eric gad explained to me that the group was an eclectic group to give Pagans of all paths a place of belonging.

Eric had then proceeded to show me the countless books he had for the group. The altar he had erected to honor his and, later, my Patron Goddess: the Morrighan. After all of this Eric gad asked if I had any supplies to facilitate meditation or general worshipping. Well, lets just say I went back to my platoon that night with hundreds of incense sticks, books, and other ritual items to help me when I wasn’t at the group.

I had periodically gone back to the group throughout my time in Tel Afar. It was my oasis in a vast desert! I had met so many wonderful people that, Goddess help me, have touched my life in a very permanent and profound way! Especially Eric. Eric helped this fledgling witch find a place to feel welcome and safe.

This is the legacy of Eric Cooper and the Forest Moon Grove! They both have helped countless Pagans and continues to do so everyday!

The Forest Moon Grove – Helping Everyone

We wanted to take a step back from Morrighan’s Trove and post something about a group that we feel benefits everyone within the Pagan community. The Forest Moon Grove.

This group has been formed to help not only Pagans, but military Pagans as well.

Started in 2004, as the Desert Moon Grove, this group was originally focused purely on assisting Pagan soldiers by not only receiving Care Packages of basic supplies, books, and music; but also in dealing with any discrimination that may arise.

I personally have received such help from Eric and the Desert Moon Grove while in Tel Afar, Iraq! That’s another wonderful story for another time.

In 2005 the Forest Moon Grove was created in the massive response by non-military pagans who wanted to help and be a part of a growing Pagan populace in the American Armed Forces. Eric was more than happy to oblige.

Not only did the Forest Moon Grove send care packages, but they also helped Pagan Soldiers become DFGLs. (Distinguished Faith Group Leader) They helped the DFGLs by supporting them with the paperwork and support in dealing with any hurdles that may arise while in the military. Free of charge!

On top of helping soldiers become DFGLs, they also worked to educate current military chaplains and leaders by educating them about the Pagan faith. This had helped curb some of the discrimination due to lack of education and understanding!

Eric Cooper, has since been medically retired from the military and is working full time for Forest Moon Grove. Since then, while still supporting our troops, he has added much more to his already heavy schedule. He is now working on helping the Pagan Community as a whole!

Forest Moon is a recognized, Non Profit, Pagan Church in the state of Washington. They currently have a Homeless Closet in Skagit Valley, WA that helps clothe the needy not only in warm clothes, but interview ready clothing to better their situation!

They also have a group for Pagan children called the Forest Moon Tribe. This caters to children from 5 – 18 years old and runs for 3 years and teaches them to survive in nature without harming nature. Most importantly, it teaches the basics of the Pagan Faiths and to respect other faiths, just as there own!

This Church also offers ordainment as well! This isn’t the 5 minute ordainment you find on the internet. This is an extensive process in which you will have to demonstrate knowledge on crisis counseling, suicide prevention, death and marriage ceremonies, and much much more!

I know that this has been a long post, it could be even longer, but I just want to paraphrase just a few things this wonderful group has done for my readers to see. This is an attempt to give back to the group that has helped me out in the toughest time of my life!

This group sets the example we all need to see to realize the good we can do in this world!

I obviously have omitted a lot of things on this post, so please click on any of the links above and check out the Forest Moon Grove’s website and Facebook page. Support them in any way you can! 

Profile of The Week! 8/7/2013

Today is the day where I honor one of my very loyal Followers on Twitter! We will feature a Weekly Post on one on one of our loyal Readers/Twitter Followers/ Facebook fans right here! This is a chance for us to thank our most involved fans!

Jen AKA @Whisk_Witch has been a huge supporter of Morrighan’s Trove ever since she had followed us on Twitter! Not only has she been involved in our postings, but she has also given us much needed advice when we needed it the most!

We had posted on Twitter, as well as in a blog post, about the frustration we had felt over the fact that it cost an exuberant amount of money to file for a Non Profit! Not to mention the fact that it cost comparatively little to file for a regular For Profit Business!

Jen pointed us in a another direction that we hadn’t known we could take! Which makes becoming a Non-Profit so much easier and less expensive! Below is Jen’s half of our Twitter conversation:

@Whisk_Witch: to continue my butting in, have you considered operating under the umbrella of an existing pagan non-profit?

@Whisk_Witch: basically, you’re considered a “wing” of the larger org. You operate 100% independantly but use their tax & ID # when…

@Whisk_Witch: filing paperwork w/gov. You get the benefits of their status, they get the benefit of a larger presence/helping more people

@Whisk_Witch: you just have to find an org that is in harmony w/your ideals, contact them, explain & likely go through an approval process

@Whisk_Witch: They don’t have to be in your state, but it’s easier if they are for you. Is a common technique in animal resue since

@Whisk_Witch: expenses & requirements are high. Could try COG, Pagan Pride or Pagan Edu Network, not sure who is in harmony w/your ideals

@Whisk_Witch: a coven or church in your area might also have status & be willing to work with you since you’d be local to them

This will be the direction Morrighan’s Trove will take to better serve the Lord and Lady! We want to be a force for help and change the world with our Love!

With people like Jen, @Whisk_Witch, out there; this will be an easy task!

Thank You Jen!

Jen will also have a website coming out soon! I will keep you posted on that as well!