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Military Pagans – A Call To Action

In my previous posts, I have explained that I was in the US Army and served in the Iraq War. I have also explained that this was the biggest spiritual metamorphosis I have ever incurred in this lifetime.

What made this time period bearable, and why it had aided so much to my spiritual well-being, is that I had met other people like me. In an organization that is predominantly Christian; I found other Pagans to speak to! This was truly a blessing found in the only Hell {Iraq} I believe in.

My platoon had also accepted me and my faith as well! I know that there are a lot of Pagans out there that have had the opposite experience, but mine was a positive one! They may not have held my same beliefs in religion, but they held the same beliefs on freedom of religion that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights offered to each American Citizen!

I had recently spoke with a few friends about my experiences, and I have heard some pretty disturbing news. That my experience was and is both rare and almost nonexistent in the US Military today.

That groups, who once had permission to practice together, are quickly being disbanded by the very same leadership that allowed them to in the first place!

That these brave people’s military careers and lives are being negatively effected by coming out of the broom closet!

This has to stop.

I want to see a time that the Pagans who are fighting to our rights here at home, can place Wiccan, Asatru, Druid, Shaman, or whatever else they wish to, on their dog tags without fear of reprisal!

I also know that there are stories like mine out there.

So, my current call to act is simple. Everyone who was, is, or knows someone who was in n the military, just simply place a quick comment below with your experience. Positive or Negative.

Let us see the whole picture and then figure out what to do from that point. The microcosm of my life, and that of my friends, is certainly not going to reveal the true nature of how Pagans are treated in the military.
(If you wish to remain anonymous, please simply email your comment to MorrighansTrove@yahoo.com so I can comment for you under my name.)

Please Share this post with everyone you think may benefit from, or that has a story to tell. I don’t want to sit by and watch as we are forced into the shadows any longer than I already have.


The Question of Hell

My wife and I spoke about this today on the way to my school, Did We Create Hell?

The premise of this question that we had discussed is based on a simple premise.

If thoughts are energy, and energy is magick, have we inadvertently created places and beings like Hell and its demons?

We had a conversation earlier in the week about the power of thoughts and how every thought is a magickal action. We both delved deeper into the subject today and the conclusion we came this kind of scary!

My wife and I are Pagans. We actually have just redound The Lord and Lady very recently and need a lot of relearning to get back to our former states. We discuss everything that comes to our mind. Which is how the Hell Question came up.

As Pagans, my wife and I do not believe in the concept of Hell. We don’t believe that any God or Goddess out there can be so upset with a human who is inherently flawed, that They would cast them into an eternal land of suffering. That is more of a human trait.

Then we started on the “Thoughts are Magick” paradigm. (Many of our conversations take this random leap and often leave a lot of people lost, please bear with us.) We both agree that before anything comes into being, it has to be thought of first. Even the most minor of thoughts can be detrimental or beneficial to the parties involved. It is all a matter of intention.

Then we started talking about the thoughts of other, Non-Pagans out there. Do their thoughts impact the world as much as our own? Are people inadvertently changing thing for the worse? For the better? Have we, as a human race created things that are both malevolent or benevolent?

Have the religions that believe so heavily in a “Hell,” have created such a place?

With so many Christians, Jews, and Muslims out there(These are the only modern religion that I am aware of that believe in a Hell.”

Dream Interpretation

Last Night I had asked the Lord and Lady back into my life and up guide me in my life’s works.

They answered…

…I think.

I had a strange dream that I was working as a bartender at the local VFW, which I do often, and all my old bosses were there.

There was this female post member there who had asked for a DVD that I did not have. I searched high and low looking for this DVD, but just couldn’t find it. All she said was, “When you get it, I’ll be back.”

Then I had gone home from the bar, which was a country home much like my grandmother’s, and a older guy was there.

He took me and my wife on a walk. Down the pasture, and onto this stop of land with a fence on either side.

I wish I remembered our conversations, but I cannot.

Then a mountain lion appeared and started in after us. We ran into the house just in time to shut the sliding glass door in his face. With that the mountain lion said, “I’ll get you separated, one day, you won’t have each other.”

And, that is when I woke up.

The Meaning I have taken from this is that I am missing something that the Goddess has deemed necessary for me to connect with Her. That I need to find a piece of myself and accept it before I can completely connect.

The God is taking more of a guiding role. And, one day I will remember our conversations together. For now, I am being shown symbols and having to interpret them myself.

What do you think about my interpretation? Dreams are always best interpreted by the dreamer, but having other opinions could not hurt

Morrighan’s Trove: Our Most Exciting Project

We here at Morrighan’s Trove, will be working pretty heavily on getting set up to write the largest group of posts in our short history!

As previously stated, I have been given permission from the Sacramento Pagan Pride to report on the upcoming Festival on the 21st and 22nd of September.

I already have at least four articles I would like to write about the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival! This will help break up what could potentially become a very long article that will be hard to read. It will also help me and the Sacramento Pagan Pride Organization keep the marketing of their organization going!

I am really excited about this! I have been meditation and asking my Lord and Lady for guidance in this, my largest project I have ever taken on!

I just ask that you, my loyal reader, send some positive and creative energy my way to help me on this! Even if it is just a quick thought wishing me well! Thoughts are magick, thoughts are energy!

-Don Davidson