Profile of the Week 8/14/2013: Lotus Magick

Thank you all for checking out this week’s Profile in Review! Brandy creates handmade items and sells them on her Etsy Shop! We here at Morrighan’s Trove have not only seen the beauty in these items, but noticed how hard Brandy works to promote not only her items, but those of other people around her as well! @LotusMagick has ReTweeted me on countless occasions and has shown a dedication to community that has earned her a spot on this list!

Merry meet! My name is Brandy (Lotus) and I am the owner/creator of Lotus Magick Shop.


I have always loved nature but my true calling to witchcraft came when my little boy was born. He was born very early and had to remain in the hospital for awhile. As I sat alone at home during the day, I realized that there has to be something I can do and a better way to live. I was brought up as a Christian and I always knew it wasn’t for me. At that moment sitting in my chair, I remembered my best friend from middle school named Sara. She was a Wiccan and planted the seed for me to follow at that point in my life. I did weeks of research, reading, and soul searching until I decided Witchcraft connected to my soul on the deepest level. I had no tools, just a will and intention that my boy would be healthy and well. Two months later my son came home from the hospital with no problems. My husband and my son are the joys of my life.


Since I had no tools and no budget to buy them, I started making my own. I grew up crocheting and took up knitting in college. I used my skills to make my first altar cloth, gem bags, tarot bags, jewelry, and even a cozy for my wand. Looking back now, I am glad I made these items instead of buying factory produced ones. I feel that handmade products are more powerful because they have the intention of love.


My handmade tools worked so well for me that I decided to open a shop to share them with others.


The items in my shop were thought about and carefully created. I hand pick the materials and put together the appropriate pattern and method for it. Lastly, I say a private blessing on the items that they will serve for the highest good of the user and harm none.


To me, this is more than just a shop for profit. I enjoy making these items. I love to meet new people and share my abilities with others. I firmly believe that if you have a gift you should share it for the good of everyone.


Please feel free to check out my shop and follow me on the following social networks.


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May the love of the Goddess and God fill your life. Blessed Be!

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