13 Rules of Being A Witch – Military Pagan Version

This is the 13 Rules for Being A Witch that I have adapted for being in the Military. Let me know what you think of these rules; and if they mesh well with both Military and Pagan Cultures!



1.)    Know Thyself

This is important in any way of life. Knowing the flaws and strengths are important in growth as a human being and as a Witch!

2.)    Know your craft

 This is even more important as a Military Pagan. Study. Study. Study. Whenever you can. You will be questioned about your faith almost daily. Especially when you are requesting to have a day off to observe a Sabbat or Esbat that does not already land precisely on a day off. Knowledge of the craft will help you defend it.

3.)    Learn

Learn your chosen profession as well. It is imperative to the lives of the Men and Women around you depend on it. Do not focus only on your Craft Studies and neglect the duties of being in the Military.

4.)    Apply knowledge with wisdom

The knowledge you receive about how energies work, spell craft techniques, etc., means that you have to have both the knowledge to perform the task at hand, and the wisdom to know if it is the right thing to do. This may be difficult to differentiate sometimes, but it is necessary in achieving the proper balance in your karmic account.

5.)    Achieve Balance

 This is important as there will be times where you will feel out of balance. Between the job you volunteered to do, your family, and your faith, you have a lot on your plate. If you keep your life balanced it will help you in life as well as your workings as a Pagan.

6.)    Keep your words in good order

 Know that you are a Pagan and the responsibility that places on you. Coming out of the broom closet while in the military may mean that you are the first impression people have on Pagans. You also may be looked upon as a leader by other Pagans that have yet to come out of the closet. Keeping your Words and Actions in good order will help in this.

7.)    Keep your thoughts in good order

 Attitude is everything. There are going to be long days at work while in the military. There are going to be dangerous situations you may even be placed in. Having a positive outlook helps you deal with these hardships.

8.)    Celebrate Life

This is imperative! Celebrate the life around and within you at all possible times! While out in the field, look at the beauty of the nature around you. While in the Motor Pool, gaze in amazement at the strength of the plants that have grown through any cracks that may be present. Look in the mirror, and gaze into your soul to find the ever present beauty of the God and Goddess within!

9.)    Attune with the cycles of the Earth

 Ensure that even if you cannot set up an altar in honor of the Sabbats and Esbats, to at least honor them in any way you can at that time. This will keep you in tune with the cycles of the Earth and allow you to show your reverence for Her.

10.) Breathe and eat correctly

 This is important for your health while in the military; and will help you in maintaining balance within yourself. Eating and breathing correctly will help in keeping your chakras in line and your body strong.

11.) Exercise the body

This kind of happens whether you are Pagan or not when you are in the military. Getting up early in the morning to conduct PT was an everyday occurrence in my military career.

12.) Meditate

This is an imperative task for the Pagan in the military. The odds of you setting up an altar and ritual space are pretty low. (Especially in the barracks.) When you are able to not be interrupted, meditation may be the best and only way to attune with your God and Goddess on a regular basis.

13.) Honor the God and Goddess

In everything you do, this is a priority! You can almost never go wrong if you base your thoughts and actions with the God and Goddess in mind.


Fighting For Acceptance After Being Accepted

I have been going online and doing a lot of research trying to find positive stories of Pagans being accepted within the military…

Let’s just say that this venture returned very little results.

On my Facebook Page, I had someone leave me a comment saying that this person was able to actively practice and openly proclaim her faith while in the US Air Force! It wasn’t until she had revealed to me, that she was in the military during the late 80’s, early 90’s, that I became truly flabbergasted! Just finding this one story about acceptance was a great step forward; but to find out that this person was accepted in the 90’s makes this story very uplifting.

Then there is the reality that I could not find any of more stories like this. In an age where we now allow openly gay men and women serve in our military, we cannot find a single positive story about acceptance. This makes me wonder about the current state of Pagans in the military. Are there any anymore? Or, are things that bad for the Pagans within the Armed Forces?




There is a story!!


My own!

When I was in the military, I was an open in my spirituality and let my fellow brothers about my faith and belief in Paganism. Of course, I was met with trepidation at first, a funny look here and there, but I was more or less accepted at the word “go.” So, I was happy to have taken that first step out of the broom closet.

This does not necessarily mean that I didn’t have any negative comments made, or weird stares, during this time. There were a lot of times I was questioned about my faith, often times to try and poke holes in the “logic” of my faith. That casting spells make about as much sense as the babblings of a baby, or, that humans are not magickal and the devil is responsible for any workings that I have completed. Please note: I said, “Tried.”

This was often met with me explaining that the stories within the Bible can be just as unusual as the mythos and rituals of Pagans. We just see what we don’t understand as different, crazy, and bizarre. These actually had gotten one of my NCO’s (Non-Commissioned Officers) to actually back off of the subject and only ask questions that he ACTUALLY was curious about! I still remember what he had said to on that day, “I guess if I can believe that a Saint flew over the battlefield, or any of the other miracles that occurred, I can see how you believe in what you do.” That was an amazing step forward!

In Iraq, my faith was placed into a little more question as I really had not practiced it a whole lot while in Garrison due to having a drunken roommate. (Long, destructive nights forced me to visualize my altar.) The day I had seen that there was a Pagan Meeting every week, I was elated! I had never realized that there were other Pagans in the military! That I was the only one who was breaking the “Harm None” rule within our community. There were at least two other Pagans on this Forward Operating Base (FOB)!! I couldn’t wait to go, and I was given permission to go almost immediately! In fact, my NCO had seen it on the wall of the chow hall and gave me that permission before I could even ask for it!

Going to those meeting had made my time in Iraq much easier. I had met a few Pagans I still speak with today almost ten years later! The memories that I have from that Medic Tent will always be looked upon fondly, which there are not that many during the time I was in Iraq. I could go on about this all day long, but if you would like more information about this wonderful group, click here!

All in all, my experience was wonderful, and I would be remiss if I hadn’t even mentioned the great story of 2007! The battle had been won to place the Pentacle onto military headstones! Wonderful Pagans from all over the US worked together to make the VA finally recognize that the Pagan’s of the Military deserve to have their headstones properly marked! Here is a link to this story so you can learn more about it!

When we fast forward to more recent years, it seems that the level of acceptance that I had enjoyed was rare. People are still missing out on promotions, meeting areas get vandalism, and worse just because they are Pagan. I feel that the Goddess decided to put me in a place to see what the world in the US Military would be like if we could gain acceptance in it. That I should help out others in a negative situation because I was blessed with such a positive one.

This is why I have decided to promote Military Pagans on the website. This is what I am doing to try and give back to the community that I hold dear. This is my way of saying that the discrimination of our Military Pagans is WRONG! That no matter your views on Politics, Religion, or anything else gives you the right to put anyone down just for being different than yourself!

SPREAD THE WORD: Morrighan’s Trove will make a difference in this world!

Four Things Military Pagans Should Realize – If They Already Haven’t

Before I go to far into becoming a spokesperson for the US Military’s Pagan Population, I feel it might be necessary to speak about the responsibilities of each member of the US Armed Forces and their right to Freedom of Religion.

There are a few things that you have to realize:


1.) You are government property.

You go where they tell you, do what the tell you, and how they tell you to do it.

2.) Mission Comes First

Just because you have come out of the Broom Closet, does not mean the world stops for you. The Mission comes first. When in Iraq, I was allowed to go to the Pagan Meetings ONLY when my platoon was able to be at that location. Which was only once a month.


3.) You don’t need to fight every battle.

This is to those who do not have a thick skin. There will be comments and jokes made once you reveal to everyone that you are Pagan. This is just how the ignorant handle things they do not understand. Running to the your command every time someone does something minor is just going to leave you winded.

4.) Fight the battles that you will now be facing.

Contrary to the last point, you will be fighting everyday for acceptance. Everyday. Through your day to day actions, people will be looking upon you seeing just how Pagans live their day to day life. This is the time to really keep your nose clean.

You may even have to fight with the local chaplain, platoon leader, squad leader, etc, in regards to your right to practice your faith. (Mission Dependent) This is when you go to your IG (Inspector General) and file a complaint. This should always be a last resort, complaints like these can ruin both parties’ careers.

All in all, as a Pagan in the Military, you now will have everyone’s eyes on you. Let’s show the world that we are not all that different from them! Let’s break every stereotype about us and take this world by storm!

Co-Existence: Can We Accomplish Within Our Own Community???

Wow!! My last post has introduced a myriad of different reactions among my readers!

One that comes to mind is something someone had commented on one of my Facebook posts on the night that I had posted. The post was about how she practiced VouDou (Her Spelling) and that the people in the Neo-Pagan Movement were just hippies! She even went on to say that Selena Fox’s, and others, battles to get the Five Pointed star on gravestones for fallen soldiers was completely wrong! That we didn’t deserve it!


I know this is just the ramblings of one individual but, it had made me curious about whether or not this issue had permeated our community.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem to be as harsh, or as absurd, as the example I had set before you. It is just that, it seems to me, that people are really defensive of their own chosen paths. This means that sometimes, the refuse to work with, or even bad mouth, other paths within the same general practice of faith. I saw that, for the most part, each of the faiths had the real truth and the others seem to think that they do.


We do not know the whole truth. We keep coming back into the physical realms to learn a new truth each time. The only people that know the whole truth are now perfect beings who reside within the Lord and Lady. The people that surround us right now are just as imperfect as we are and are learning one small iota of truth that is revealed to them in this life. You might practice Druidry in this life, but you very well may be an Atheist in the next. It is all about the lessons within each life that are important for our spiritual growth.


So, when someone is Wiccan, Christian, Druid, or whatever else, they are not less enlightened than the others. They are enlightened to a level sufficient for them to realize and learn the lessons provided to them by the God and/or Goddess needs them to learn.

Another issue with this separation is that people look at the Pagan community as a bunch of lovey dovey hippies without any real faith. I feel that this is one of the major factors of why we still have such a struggle for the same basic rights that other religions have. We are separated amongst each other, and everyone has separate goals or agendas that seem to minimalize our efforts.

We need to get over ourselves sometimes. Right now I am trying to rally our troops fighting for our right to practice our faiths as we see fit; but this does not mean that I will not take up arms if someone else asks for my help stopping a bill outlawing the Pagan faiths! (Just an example.) As long as it pertains to our rights to practice our faith, everyone has a hand in the fight. Even if it just means sending positive energies to the end goal. We need to stick together and not let petty differences interfere with making Earth a much more accepting and wonderful place to live!


Military Pagans – A Call To Action

In my previous posts, I have explained that I was in the US Army and served in the Iraq War. I have also explained that this was the biggest spiritual metamorphosis I have ever incurred in this lifetime.

What made this time period bearable, and why it had aided so much to my spiritual well-being, is that I had met other people like me. In an organization that is predominantly Christian; I found other Pagans to speak to! This was truly a blessing found in the only Hell {Iraq} I believe in.

My platoon had also accepted me and my faith as well! I know that there are a lot of Pagans out there that have had the opposite experience, but mine was a positive one! They may not have held my same beliefs in religion, but they held the same beliefs on freedom of religion that the US Constitution and Bill of Rights offered to each American Citizen!

I had recently spoke with a few friends about my experiences, and I have heard some pretty disturbing news. That my experience was and is both rare and almost nonexistent in the US Military today.

That groups, who once had permission to practice together, are quickly being disbanded by the very same leadership that allowed them to in the first place!

That these brave people’s military careers and lives are being negatively effected by coming out of the broom closet!

This has to stop.

I want to see a time that the Pagans who are fighting to our rights here at home, can place Wiccan, Asatru, Druid, Shaman, or whatever else they wish to, on their dog tags without fear of reprisal!

I also know that there are stories like mine out there.

So, my current call to act is simple. Everyone who was, is, or knows someone who was in n the military, just simply place a quick comment below with your experience. Positive or Negative.

Let us see the whole picture and then figure out what to do from that point. The microcosm of my life, and that of my friends, is certainly not going to reveal the true nature of how Pagans are treated in the military.
(If you wish to remain anonymous, please simply email your comment to MorrighansTrove@yahoo.com so I can comment for you under my name.)

Please Share this post with everyone you think may benefit from, or that has a story to tell. I don’t want to sit by and watch as we are forced into the shadows any longer than I already have.

The Lord and Lady – The Ultimate Parents

Trying to explain the Lord and Lady to my kids seems to be a bit more difficult than I had assumed it would be.

You see, I do not feel that the Lord and Lady are to be worshipped, grovelled over, and placed on some ethereal pedestal that I am completely unworthy of ever gazing upon.

I feel that the God and Goddess are like my parents. To be respected. To come to when I need advice. To ask permission to move forward with certain aspects of my life. That they are more equal to me than one normally views a deity in any faith in this world.

The reason I feel this way took some honest self reflection, and meditation with the Goddess and God, and time to figure out. I have found out that I have always felt this way, even before I had been awakened to the Old Ways.

You see, I have always had a really hard time picturing a God or Goddess as a petty, jealous dictator that cannot forgive even the slightest infraction of rules set by the human leaders of Their respective religions. This must be the Leo in me, but I cannot fathom ever being subservient to anything or anyone, even a God, which is why I feel that the Lord and Lady are Matriarchal and Patriarchal figures in my life.

Also, like my relationship with my human parents, the advice I receive from the Lord and Lady can be heeded or ignored. That if I heed the advice, or deny it, there are consequences to either of those actions. Much like sneaking out of the house after being told not to; or conversely, like going to bed early when told to due to the early morning. Good or Bad.

Don’t get me wrong. I have explained to my son, who is the oldest, that the Lord and Lady are to be treated with respect and admiration. They are the ultimate parents. That the advice and guidance received from Them should be honored and revered.

What do you think? Am I a bit confused? Wrong? Right? Let me k ow your thoughts in the comments below!

The Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival

Before I start describing my experiences at the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival this weekend, let me apologize to everyone! I did not make it to help set up, I only attended one day, and I did not help with the Security like I had said I would. This was due to illness, which for me is no excuse for doing what you said.

Other than than that, from what I saw, the Pagan Pride Festival went off splendidly! Even when the rain came down, everyone was in a joyful mood and helped keep the vendors’ canopies connected to Mother Earth!

My family was able to meet a few of the vendors, my son had fun with his best friend, all in all, I feel that I missed out on a lot by not showing up on that Sunday.

Included are photos of the vendors that were there on Saturday, along with some general pictures of a Ritual, the rain, and more!




















Only a Few Days To Go!

With only a few days until.the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival, I will be pretty busy getting ready for the event!

I will be there during the set up, the actual festival, and the tear down to ensure complete coverage of the festival.

This will hopefully give everyone who reads my future postings an inside look at not just the two days of the festival; but also at the amount of energy it took to put on this community-building event!

So, if you are reading this post, and plan on attending the festival, you will no doubt see me walking around asking questions and handing out my business cards. You will also see me working as Security as I have also volunteered my experience to help the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival as a thank you for allowing me this great opportunity!

I will also ask any of the people.attending to offer their opinions here in the comments of the future posts. This way, anyone planning to attend next year’s festival will have one more place to look for reviews and a written record of what they could expect from the Sacramento Pagan Pride Group!

I look.forward to meeting everyone this weekend! I look even more forward to seeing the performers and vendors having a great time with the massive crowds!

Blessed Be Everyone!

Where are You From?

To better serve you, the Readers of Morrighan’s Trove, I would like to know which Nation you call home! Omission of a Nation doesn’t imply that I place your Nation in any less regard than others, I just don’t have enough space for every country on every continent.

If you do hail from a different Nation not listed, please let me know in the comments section so I the data I receive is more accurate.

What The Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival Means To Me

Time keeps on ticking towards the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival, and boy am I excited! Busy, but excited!

I have never been a part of something like this before due to the fact I had felt so alone as a Pagan in Sacramento because I didn’t take the time to open my eyes. Which got me thinking about perception. I perceived like I was one of a few, but in reality, I wasn’t.

How many Pagans out there feel the way I had felt? Even if there is one person who feels this way, it is already too many.

My point is, this festival is not just a place to have a good time. That will already occur, but this is a time to enjoy each other’s company while feeling the blessings bestowed upon us by the Lord and Lady! To reach out and feel the warmth of love in each and every strange face we have the privilege of meeting. Knowing that we don’t have to hide who we are, if only for a few hours a day.

This Pagan Pride Festival means so much more to me than words can describe! As I said before, this is a chance for me to feel a part of something. This is a chance for me to introduce my 11 year old stepson to my belief structure. This is a chance for me to feel the acceptance I have been missing since the Forest Moon Grove in Iraq.

Take a look inward, what does the Sacramento Pagan Pride Festival mean to you? I would love to hear it!